Counting Perhaps

One Potato, Two Potato – Photo by Dan O

One perhaps and two perhaps,
three perhaps and four.
It’s just a few decisions,
and there’s always another door. 
Five perhaps and six perhaps;
seven perhaps and eight—
in time you have a bushel 
and it’s hard to keep them straight.
Nine and maybe ten perhaps,
don’t know how many more—
more, ten, nine perhaps, 
but who is keeping score?
Eight—remember eight perhaps?—
and seven was a lot. 
Six was even-steven, 
five was handy, four was hot. 
Three was getting underway, 
and two just seemed like fun. 
It’s fun to toss and drop perhaps,
and now we’re back to one. 

First published in Third Wednesday, Vol. XI, No.4, Fall 2018