Early Observations… (family photo)

A third culture kid, I was born and raised in Thailand. I attended various schools in Pennsylvania, California, Thailand and Malaysia, before returning to the States after high school. I attended Westmont College, ran out of money and dropped out, moved to Seattle and became a transit operator. One turn and another led to an unexpected but engaging career managing transit technology projects and programs, including voice and data radio communication systems, real time customer information, electronic fare collection and enterprise applications. I’m now retired and catching up on reading.  Oh, and poems.

As you might know, I’ve always had a few poems going in the background. Now that I have more time, I’d like to share them. I will post the links to new work that’s published, or provide a copy here if it’s in print but not readily visible. I’m grateful to the editors who have given these wayward poems a home in their pages.

Photo by Robert Wade